Ephemeral Waterfalls in Yosemite

Yosemite Falls in Spring by John P. DeGrazio
Yosemite Falls in Spring by John P. DeGrazio

The waterfalls of Yosemite are still booming, but we must deal with the sad reality that we had a less than average snowpack year this past winter. subsequently, the volume is waning as the snow continues to melt. I took this photo recently and thought of a poem I wrote almost 3 years ago and will repost here. It seems our children are often in a hurry to grow up, and I thought of my then five year old daughter when I wrote this.

Cholock, what’s your hurry?

by John P. DeGrazio

When I was an older young man, I would shout at the youthful waterfalls and their impetuous mist. Now that I am a younger old man, I quietly lament valuable lost time left in their wake.

Cholock, what’s your hurry?
Like a newborn, your arrival is anticipated and celebrated.
Autumn is your spring,
And you appear when the first water breaks from the sky.
The earth shakes as you make your splash in this world.
You are impressive and a joy to all.

From infancy you grow as the winter snow melts,
And you run before you learn to walk.
Your impatience is felt by all as you rush your way through life’s many turns with a desire to grow bigger and bigger.

Cholock, what’s your hurry?
Why must you grow so fast?
Why can’t you stay small forever?

Your energy is unsuppressed and your youth is wasted
as you push and push to go everywhere and nowhere at all.
You are at your loudest before you even know what to say.
Suddenly, and without warning, your strength abandons you.

As spring turns to summer, you enter the winter of your life.
How did time disappear?
Why must everything end so soon?

Cholock, you are the fortunate one.
Your foolishness has been repeated over the centuries;
Yet, you are given a new opportunity with every October sky.
Your story will be overlooked by many,
But the wise will teach your lessons to their own.

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