YExplore Gear Guide: What’s in My Pack (Disclaimer)

Campsite Below Mt. Lyell by John P. DeGrazio

We are excited to introduce this new gear review feature for all our readers. From time to time, we will review products we feel are helpful on hikes and backpacking trips. Many of the reviews will be of products we purchase on our own, but some will be from companies who sponsor us. Either way, we will be providing you with information we hope will be useful when preparing for your next trip to Yosemite or any other global adventure. Please also refer to our Gear Guide which provides specific information for how to prepare for your outdoor excursions.

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Gear Guide Disclaimer
I often receive a lot of questions about what gear is required on certain hikes or what I bring along on my treks. I have decided to review some products to provide assistance for travelers preparing for a hike in Yosemite or anywhere else they may be. Whether you are a recreational hiker or a seasoned backpacker, I will try to provide insightful information to help you choose your gear. I am making this initial post as a disclaimer for any companies who wish to have us review their products.

Product Review Disclaimer:

YExplore will not under any circumstances review any products for any company without an agreement to the policies and procedures stated within this disclaimer.

YExplore will accept items from companies for review without prior notice. YExplore will not pay for any item that a company asked to be reviewed. The Company is responsible for all shipping and product costs necessary for YExplore to receive the item. YExplore will also accept items from companies for review with prior notice. An email letting us know you wish to send a product to review will be adequate. No product reviewed by YExplore will be returned under any circumstances.

For all readers, YExplore does not receive any monetary compensation for the reviews written. All reviews are from products paid for by staff of YExplore or sent free of charge and with no incentive to offer a favorable review. The only compensation received is the use of the product reviewed if not purchased. This is to offer a reading audience an objective review, so you can make an informed decision before buying.

YExplore offers a wide array of blog readers related to outdoor gear. YExplore will not under any circumstance provide a list of names, address and email addresses of my subscribers due to privacy issues.

Please acknowledge this disclaimer that you have read and understood all the terms. You can email or send the agreement with your product for review.

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