Yosemite National Park is Open

Half Dome, Yosemite National Park

By John P. DeGrazio

Yosemite National Park will be welcoming visitors today. The United States Government has reached an agreement to reopen. The national parks, hostages in the most recent political battle on Capitol Hill, have all been reopened immediately following the agreement. Yosemite had been closed for the past 16 days and will now be welcoming visitors from across the globe. After losing most of September’s revenues from the devastating Rim Fire, this shutdown was ill conceived and caused every local business in the Yosemite Region tremendous pain. We will be looking to recover in the coming months and are hopeful travelers will continue to request our Yosemite guiding services to help enhance their experiences in the park.

Here is our latest press release about the reopening. Perhaps congress can draft a new amendment making it unconstitutional to shut down any national parks or public lands during any future budget impasses.

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