Yosemite Instagram Week in Review: Photos From an iPhone 11.02

Dogwoods in Snow in Yosemite National Park by John P. DeGrazio

More Color and Snow

By John P. DeGrazio

It was another exciting week in Yosemite Valley with tremendous opportunities to photograph the fall colors. A snowstorm left the Tioga and Glacier Point Roads temporarily closed for a few days, but they are now open. The snow made for some interesting photographs in and around the Valley. The next wave of storms will probably close them for the season so now is the time to take advantage one last time for 2013. Fear not though. There are so many things to do do in Yosemite National Park even when those two roads are closed.


All photos taken on an iPhone 5

Courtesy of http://instagram.com/yexplore

Photographing with a camera phone was once frowned upon as a lazy way out of making an image. With advancing technology, these phones are becoming more integral in everyday “outdoor” life. I am currently using the iPhone 5 with an 8 megapixel camera, and will share the world of Yosemite through my phone.