What if We really Lived in a Black and White World?

Yosemite Photos to Change Your Perspective

By John P. DeGrazio 

Vernal Fall Picasa Pencil Sketch Filter by John P. DeGrazio

How many times have you heard the terms “it’s all black and white” or “cut and dry” inserted into a discussion? Those words are normally uttered by someone making a point that seems so obvious to them. In an ever changing world of communications proliferation, our society seems to be moving away from discourse that respects and accepts diverse views of critical issues. Instead, we are forced to sift through endless posts, tweets, and updates from self proclaimed experts on every subject under the sun. The end result: nothing changes.

Yosemite Highliner at Taft Point Picasa Pencil Sketch Filter by John P. DeGrazio

Without going into specifics, there are so many topics raging throughout message boards and timelines as I type this. Regardless of  the side of each argument posters are taking, many claim that a vote for one thing is a vote to take away something else. These beliefs are often followed up by supporting statements that implement tactics known to strike fear into the voting public. It is a contrived process that serves only the skillful people making their case and causes so much monotony in our everyday life.

Yosemite Snow Plant Picasa Pencil Sketch Filter by John P. DeGrazio

According to the Google Search definition, compromise is defined as “an agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions.” Without taking too much more time at the risk of sounding “preachy”, why can’t we find more compromise in this world anymore? Why does everything have to be an “all or none” “black  or white” situation. Why can’t both sides give a little to find harmony?

Hiker and Yosemite Falls Picasa Pencil Sketch Filter by John P. DeGrazio

I’d like to share how we see color from a website called The Physics Classroom. “The color of the objects that we see is largely due to the way those objects interact with light and ultimately reflect or transmit it to our eyes. The color of an object is not actually within the object itself.” 

If we can see knowledge as light, then we can change the way we look at things to make more informed decisions and potentially have more compromise in this world. It’s never too late to change your perspective.

Imagine what the world would look like if we only saw things in black and white. Would we take the time to visit places that make us happy or would they just appear like every other setting in our mundane world? The world would seem incomplete like an unfinished sketch. Life is too short to close your eyes to diversity.

Snow Plants on a Yosemite Climbing trail by John P. DeGrazio
Yosemite Highliner Ryan Jenks Completes his walk at Taft Point by John P. DeGrazio
Hiker at Yosemite Falls Overlook by John P. DeGrazio
Misty Morning Hop, Yosemite Vernal Fall by John P. DeGrazio

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