Can-O-Pineapples Too

Tasty Treats On Any Summit 

By John P. DeGrazio 

Bobby and Jessica Enjoy a Can-o-Pineapples on the Summit of Mt. Hoffman in Yosemite by John P. DeGrazio

There’s nothing more satisfying than reaching the summit of a challenging hiking adventure in Yosemite. Well, one thing can be more satisfying; the tasty treat at the end. As you may know from my original post renaming this blog the Can-O-Peaches, I shared a story about how I was encouraged by a lovely woman to haul a can of peaches in my pack to the summit of Mt. Rainier way back in 1997. Today, I love to celebrate a successful hike with something sweet like a fresh California peach or a delicious fruit from a cocoa plant. Bringing comfort food on a long hike is a definite must and the endorphins they help release enhance the true feelings of bliss you experience at the end of a long journey.

A few weeks ago, I met Bobby and Jessica, an energetic brother and sister duo who grew up in a town close to where I did in New Jersey. They both live in big cities now but were inspired by the jaw-dropping beauty of the Yosemite landscapes, especially from the top of Mt. Hoffman.

What made the day even more interesting was that I helped a more experienced couple make what they admitted to me their final summit attempt of Mt. Hoffman. They were a couple originally from Brooklyn, NY who now are living the good life in Arizona while traveling the American West. I was so happy to lend a hand and admired the vintage ice ax they were using as a hiking staff. When I finally helped them to the summit, to New Yorker in them came out “You’re not getting my ice ax!” We shared a few laughs and stories about New York and other Sierra summits before they disappeared down the trail.

Yosemite via NY/NJ by John P. DeGrazio

While we were enjoying our lunch on the peak, Bobby devoured a can of pineapples. I was fascinated by his choice of snack and saw a lot of similarities between us. He hadn’t even read the blog. Bobby said next time he’d return for more than just a short trip, and I believe him. I guess there’s a little John Muir in all of us.

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