Y Do We Explore?

The Seven Pillars of YExplore 
By John P. DeGrazio 
El Capitan Reflecting in the Merced River by John P. DeGrazio

I am often asked “what is YExplore?” or “why do you explore?” The answers are as simple as they are complex. We explore to gain new perspectives and find deeper answers about ourselves and the places we visit on our exciting journeys. As for YExplore, it’s more than just a name. YExplore is:

An Idea first hatched on the Half Dome trail to create an adventure company in Yosemite National Park that shares unique experiences with visitors on all trails in every season.

An Ethos that teaches responsible enjoyment of natural places without disturbing the areas we explore, it’s natural inhabitants, or other visitors.

A Team of trustworthy local guides who greatly respect the region they represent and teach others the natural, geologic, and human history of the land they love along with  its legends and secrets. Yosemite National Park is where we lead the majority of our tours and will always be the center of our operations even as we expand across the globe. Our expansion will be measured and only will take place in areas where we have locally empowered leaders who are experts in the field.

A Mission to encourage travelers of all ages to get outside and make a connection with nature and wilderness through educational outdoor adventures that inspire personal growth while developing a deeper understanding of conservation and stewardship.

A Challenge to help create well paying jobs to stimulate the economy in our local community, wherever we may be.

An Adventure that provides fulfillment for all who participate. One that will be remembered always as a discovery of self.

A Story told mostly by the places we visit which will enable us to continue to pass them along through our photographs and recollections of our own personal journeys through Yosemite National Park, The Sierra Nevada, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Everest Base Camp, and exciting future locations.




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