Mirror Lake in Spring: Yosemite Photos 2015.05.12

Rainy Day Photography From Yosemite  
By John P. DeGrazio 
Spring Reflection in Mirror Lake by John P. DeGrazio

At the heart of every adventure is a distinct awareness and appreciation of the unknown. Eagerness and anticipation rule the day as an adventurist will envision impending success at the end of the trail. Weather plays a major role in determining how attainable one’s goals will be. Many trips are canceled with even the threat of rain. While it’s understandable to ditch a Half Dome summit attempt in the middle of a thunderstorm, it has always been my belief that some of the most rewarding adventures are borne from adverse conditions. It’s no different with photography. While many would be visitors stay away from Yosemite during inclement weather, there are scores of photographers who flock to California’s most famous national park “like the salmon of Capitstrano”.

This past week brought some storms to the Valley and we hiked through some rain and clouds on Friday. The day started with bright sunshine, and then the clouds gathered. As we arrived at Mirror Lake, a gray mass hung on the North Rim about 1000 feet above us. The sun periodically peered through the nimbostratus, shining beams of light onto various subjects. Here is a scene from the edge of Mirror Lake that I enjoyed with a couple of intrepid east coast explorers, Costin & Alex the Great.

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