Moonrise Over Ahwahnee: Yosemite Photo 2015.11.24

The Sunset and Moonrise from Tunnel View 
By John P. DeGrazio 
Moonrise Over Ahwahnee by John P. DeGrazio

After finishing my hike yesterday, I decided to drive up to Tunnel View for sunset. I had plenty of time to capture what I had hoped would be a special moment. Tripods had lined the wall and space was limited, but I managed to squeeze mine in to the right end of the queue next to a friendly photographer. The light was changing while clouds drifted between Half Dome and Clouds Rest. I began to set my composition before I realized the moon was rising just above Sentinel Dome so I widened my field of view to include Bridalveil Fall. The clouds were moving rapidly and the largest ones were pushed away just as the moon moved into an ideal position. It wasn’t the most dramatic sunset. Satisfied, I asked myself a question. Does it really need to be? Such is life in Yosemite.

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