Yosemite Snowshoe Adventures Await

Badger Pass Opens December 12, 2015 
By John P. DeGrazio 
Yosemite Snowshoe Adventures from Dewey Point by John P. DeGrazio

Explore Yosemite National Park on a pair of snowshoes to see the dramatic cliffs from 3000 feet above the world’s most famous valley. Snowshoe tours are an exciting winter activity where you can explore several of Yosemite’s high peaks and points.

Snowshoe in Yosemite at Stanford Point by John P. DeGrazio

Winter is one of the most remarkable seasons to visit Yosemite when snow blankets the high country. Our adventures range from beginner snowshoe walks to challenging all day treks. Our most popular winter wonderland destination is Dewey Point from Badger Pass. Experts can challenge themselves by extending the hike to Crocker Point.

Yosemite Snowshoe Adventures at Inspiration Point by John P. DeGrazio

Inspiration Point is also one of our feature tours and we start our day in Yosemite Valley. For the ultimate adventure, try a hike up the South Rim to Stanford Point. Call to make your reservation today (209) 532-7014 or email us at tours@yexplore.com.

El Capitan Sunset from Dewey Point, Yosemite National Park by John P. DeGrazio
Yosemite Snowshoe Adventure at Stanford Point


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