2015 Yosemite Instagram Year in Review Best Nine

Yosemite Bestnine 
By John P. DeGrazio 

2015 was an exciting year. YExplore has grown in so many ways and are extremely thankful for the opportunity to guide tours in Yosemite National Park on a daily basis all year long. As my photography has developed over the years, I have taken pride in being able to share these images. Here is our Instagram bestnine for 2015.  Please follow us @yexplore if you haven’t already.


All photos taken on an iPhone 5 & 6s
Courtesy of http://instagram.com/yexplore

Photographing with a camera phone was once frowned upon as a lazy way out of making an image. With advancing technology, these phones are becoming more integral in everyday “outdoor” life. I am currently using the iPhone 6s with an 12 megapixel camera and will share the world of Yosemite through my phone.

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