Yosemite Name Changes

Who Really Owns the Name Ahwahnee? 
By John P. DeGrazio
The Ahwahnee Meadow seen from Eagle Peak by John P. DeGrazio

I am sure some are wondering what our opinion is regarding the current legal battle about intellectual property and the naming of places in Yosemite National Park. A local newspaper called us yesterday asking for an opinion which I respectfully declined.

The official position of YExplore is to remain neutral on the matter of who should own the rights to the names. I understand this conflict between Yosemite National Park and Delware North has caused many people to respond emotionally. The only input I will share is in the form of two questions. What do the indigenous people of the Sierra feel about the multi million dollar price tag on the name Ahwhanee and who do they think should own the name?

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