September 2016 Yosemite Instagram Monthly Review

This is the September 2016 Yosemite Instagram Monthly Review. I know it’s been like forever since I posted to my blog, but there have been a lot new developments since then, including an impending launch of the new Can O Peaches radio show. More to come about that, but I will be spending the next couple of days trying to add more updates to the blog. This one is long overdue. Here are some of the most liked photos from the YExplore September 2016 Yosemite Instagram page with over 200 likes. There are many more on our feed where we have reached over 2400 followers. Please follow and share with other IGers to help us build our Instagram audience @yexplore.

September 2016 Yosemite Instagram

September 2016 Yosemite Instagram

All photos taken on an iPhone 6s for September 2016 Yosemite Instagram

Unofficial Yosemite Facelift cleanup is not about the glory or the cup. I have led a Half Dome hike during Facelift for the last few years. This year I contacted @yosemitefacelift early to see if I could preregister. Our groups always keep the Half Dome trail, among many others in Yosemite, clean by removing trash. The organizers of the event wanted us to participate but @yosemitenps said no. They specifically stated that we needed to register for archaeological site training and had to wait until 8 am to register. I tried to explain the hike begins at 5:30 am. Despite my lack of training, I decided I would still help the ranger at the cables by hauling down this 20 pound bag of used gloves. I am certain I did not disturb any archaeological site. It was another unofficial and possibly illegal Facelift act, but the ranger didn’t seem to mind and appreciated the help. Maybe next year we can officially participate & I can finally get a cup. #unvolunteering #nocup #nocupnoglory #notabouttherecognition #facelift #yosemitefacelift #trashyourtrash #yosemite #halfdome #halfdomecables #yexplore

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September 2016 Yosemite Instagram Photos & Videos Courtesy of

Photographing with a camera phone was once frowned upon as a lazy way out of making an image. With advancing technology, these phones are becoming more integral in everyday “outdoor” life. I am currently using the iPhone 6s with an 12 megapixel camera and will share the world of Yosemite through my phone. – John P. DeGrazio

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