Yosemite Prints Make Great Holiday Gifts

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks sorting through hundreds of fall photos and am very pleased with my images representing the fall colors displayed around Yosemite Valley. Several of my most noteworthy shots in the last three weeks were captured while leading groups on walks that highlighted Yosemite Falls. My updated portfolio includes several of these images. I am also sharing my Yosemite National Park image gallery as a suggestion for those who are looking for holiday gift ideas because Yosemite Prints Make Great Holiday Gifts.

Yosemite Prints Make Great Holiday Gifts

Yosemite Prints Make Great Holiday Gifts

One’s perspective can change dramatically while photographing in Yosemite. I view every adventure with excitement as an opportunity to tell a new story. I created this first scene while walking along the banks of the Merced River. We found this reflection and decided to stay to make a composition. I was able to hold my camera steady because getting low to the ground is important.

Yosemite Prints Make Great Holiday GiftsScattered October storms signaled an escape from the dry summer. Leaves changed quickly and many fell before they could produce any vibrant colors.

Yosemite Prints Make Great Holiday GiftsThere are several photographic challenges during the changing seasons. Lighting conditions swiftly transform each scene and luck sometimes outweighs other factors when trying to photograph landscapes. Being at the right place at the right time is essential. Having your camera at the ready for that moment is most important.

Yosemite Prints Make Great Holiday GiftsI captured this falling leaf as I set up a composition of Yosemite Falls. The wind gusted as I prepared my camera, and I noticed several leaves began to fall from the trees above us. I held my camera and waited for the right moment. Snap.

Yosemite Prints Make Great Holiday GiftsKnowing the lay of the land is also important. This is an image that followed a clearing storm. I spend a lot of time in this area waiting for guests to join me for Yosemite adventures. I knew exactly where I wanted to be when the sunlight shone through the last of the parting clouds. Consequently, this photo gave new meaning to the phrase golden hour.

Professional Yosemite Prints Make Great Holiday Gifts

I would also like to share the galleries of our professional photography instructors for more great gift ideas.

Robb Hirsch

Al Golub

James McGrew

Jay Sousa




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