Mark Petersen Yosemite Peaches

Happy New Year from the summit of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. The podcast for the Mark Petersen Yosemite Peaches show is available on our Yosemite Can O Peaches page on LibsyniTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher. Please help support local radio programs by subscribing to this show on one of those platforms.

Mark Petersen Yosemite Peaches

Mark Petersen is a fascinating man of adventure. He has traveled the world and first visited Yosemite National Park as a Boy Scout while backpacking through Hetch Hetchy. He loved the Sierra Nevada so much he decided to call it home many years later. Mark raised his daughters in the Yosemite area so they can share adventures together.

Mark Petersen Yosemite Peaches

Mark shares many interesting tales of his journeys through Yosemite as well as how that first trip into Hetch Hetchy shaped his professional career. He also recounted the remarkable story of Cliffy Young, an Australian cattleman and farmer who is the source of great inspiration and admiration for him.

Mark Petersen Yosemite PeachesMark was joined by his daughter Sarah, and I was accompanied by my daughter Mia on this adventure. This made for an extra sweet reward of peaches on the summit. We spent the day together on the Half Dome trail and met new friends from Japan who we assisted up the cables. Listen as they share a message to their friends at home.

Mark Petersen Yosemite PeachesMark Petersen Yosemite Peaches

The Mark Petersen Yosemite Peaches show was originally broadcast on air & streaming at KAAD-LP 103.5 FM Sonora, California.

Mark Petersen Yosemite PeachesPlease visit this link for previous podcast episodes.

The concept for the Yosemite Can O Peaches Radio Podcast was developed over the past several years. Each show will be recorded live from the trails of Yosemite National Park. Host John P. DeGrazio will share stories of how Yosemite influenced the lives of local artists, musicians, photographers, explorers, and a variety of other Yosemite experts with a tale to tell. The peaches represent the sweet reward of every exploration in nature. Special thanks to Thomas Wilmer for his kind generosity and mentorship. Tom also recorded the Outro for this show. 

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